AFIJN – Documentary

Documentary on composer, bandleader and improviser Misha Mengelberg.
Music fragments and statements give a clear insight in Mengelbergs original way of thinking and way of working. Old filmmaterial shows how Mengelberg developed from classic composing by jazz influences to become the godfather of Dutch improvised music.
Directed by Jellie Dekker, produced by Datarecords (2006).

Ischa spreekt met Misha (6 mei 1986)

In 2020, zijn 25ste sterfjaar, gedenkt de VPRO Ischa Meijer met de podcast Een dik uur Ischa op de radio: een vijftiendelige serie waarin Anton de Goede met Ischa-kenners terugblikt op hun favoriete interviews uit Ischa’s rijke oeuvre. In aflevering 18, van 6 mei 1986, spreekt Ischa met Misha over onder meer improvisatie.

Website Stichting Misha Mengelberg launched

We are happy to announce the launch of this website dedicated to everything Misha. In the upcoming years this site will be filled with information about for example recordings, concerts and you will find interviews, biographical information and much, much more.

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(Photo: Ken Weiss)