OK-TOK-NOK Poster by Ivo Schouten

“I studied counterpoint for a while with the pianist/composer Misha Mengelberg. These music lessons were great and we talked about all sorts of stuff. Every week he would check your homework and rate it with OK, TOK or NOK. OK = okay, TOK = tamelijk okay (sort of okay), and NOK = niet okay (not okay). This way of rating is really nice, I think, because it always has a positive ring to it. Today 4 years ago Misha died, so I designed this OKTOKNOK poster, as sort of a reminder.”

3 Generaties Misha Mengelberg curated by Jasper Blom

Met zijn humor, anarchie en pakkende thema’s heeft Misha Mengelberg een onuitwisbare indruk achtergelaten. Als componist én als pianist die bekend stond om zijn eigenzinnige manier van improviseren. Zijn werk had raakvlakken met jazz en klassiek, maar ook met de radicale kunst van dada en Fluxus. In het BIMHUIS brengen drie generaties jazzmusici een ode aan Misha Mengelberg, in verschillende bezettingen.

Benjamin Herman altsax, Jasper Blom tenorsax, Ian Cleaver trompet, Joris Roelofs basklarinet, Oscar Jan Hoogland piano, Thomas Pol bass, Han Bennink drums, Joost Patocka drums, Wouter Kühne drums.

Rituals of Transition

Rituals of Transition is the second release that i dischi di angelica dedicates to the great Dutch musician and composer.  In 2002 Misha Mengelberg was invited for the second time to the AngelicA Festival in Bologna. That edition, the twelfth, took part entirely in a squatted social centre of the city, and, in collaboration with Tristan Honsinger, was conceived as one large opera lasting six days – an opera within which the performances of many national and international artists fitted in like individual mobile “modules”.

Read more and listen to the recording at https://idischidiangelica.bandcamp.com/album/rituals-of-transition

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